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Science and research is a godsend, but it can get so darn confusing and frustrating sometimes. Take Alzheimer’s disease; it’s forever in the news. Brain games help, researchers say. Sleep and diet is important, scientists insist. Genes and exercise count, everyone agrees. It’s…
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We have both played competitive sports since we were just 3 years old. Now, we felt was the ideal time to build an enterprise to resell high-end used sports gear for a quarter of the price,” asserted, Bryce Phillips, Co-Founder, Run-It-Back-Sports. “Bouncing around a number of key ideas with our father led to the roll out of a comprehensive plan of action for this dynamic auction program.
Run-It-Back-Sports deals with world-class premium sports brands such as; Nike, Under Armor and Adidas. On the philanthropic side, as a major online auction hub for extreme sports and fitness equipment auctions, the company is accepting donations of used equipment from leagues as a fundraising mechanism for the replacement of gear used in football, baseball, and lacrosse.
Run-It-Back-Sports, Online Sporting Goods Exchange, was established by two young teenage sporting brothers in 2016 to disrupt the American online sports equipment and apparel auction sector with up to 75% off regular retail prices all year round. Visit: http://runitbacksports.com/